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  • Gram Engineering Pty Ltd - creators of Sawtooth / Zigzag Profile. This is the first Sawtooth / Zigzag Profile ever produced in the WORLD for Steel Privacy Fencing


  • First to produce Produce a un riveted¬†3 Dimensional Lattice in Prepainted Hi-Tensile Steel.
GramLine Plinth (Introduced 2004) A Boundary  "WeedWall" or "Retaining Wall" 

The GramLine Plinth fits under your Bottom Rail and inside the Channel Post of your GramLine Steel Privacy Fence, either as a single section or multiple sections (up to five). This acts either as a "WeedWall", a "Retaining Wall", or both.
GramLine 3 Dimensional Lattice (1999) †

The stylish 3 Dimensional Steel Lattice, comes in a variety of standard widths, heights and colours. It is an attractive low maintenance, long life alternative to Timber Lattice. The GramLine Steel Lattice can be used in a variety of applications.
GramLine Sawtooth / Zigzag Profile (1996) 

The original unique GramLine Sawtooth / Zigzag Profile ensures both you and your neighbour will equally enjoy the same attractive perspective.
GramLine Slimline Posts & Rails (1984) 

The GramLine Slimline Posts and Rails provide a stylish and unobtrusive finish that gives you a much more attractive appearance.
GramLine Old Style Profile (1986) 

The GramLine Old Style Profile (ColorLine) has been manufactured for over 20 years & similar looking to the roofing & walling sheet.

Gram Engineering Pty Ltd trading as GramLine, has been established for over 20 years and are a reputable and innovative manufacturer of Steel Privacy Fencing. We carry a large range of stock and have access to wide installer network. We were also the first in the industry to use Hi-Tensile Steel.

GramLine is now seeking international distributors in New Zeland, the United Kingdom and the United States. Click your coutry to enquire about becoming one of our distributors.

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